Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goals: Beyond the Vision

“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.” ~~Author Unknown~~

Vision; it’s an interesting concept. I had a great conversation yesterday about the importance of corporate vision and I began to ponder the definition of the word. Vision can refer to sight, as in what you actually see. It can refer to perception, another topic that was discussed in depth yesterday. It can refer to something more metaphysical or spiritual, as in “I had a vision.” It can refer to something amazing, as in “What a vision!” And of course, it can refer to a corporate vision which is a statement about what an organization intends to become. (Intention just may be the topic of my next post!)

What I was pondering was the common thread, or really my bizarre train of thought, in all of these definitions of vision. I “see” things based on my experience and my perception. I may not even notice things that are outside my frame of reference. My perceptions define my reality. My perceptions will also undoubtedly be the framework for any visions of the future I may have, and I would certainly hope that these visions would be of something amazing. And wouldn’t I want my corporate vision and intention of the future of my business to be equally as amazing? Of course I would! But following the above logic (if you can call it that), my visions for my business would be limited by my previous experience and any preconceived perceptions… Hmmmm…

How can I stretch beyond my experience? How can I create a vision for myself that is not limited to what I already know? And then it came to me! Goals! When I set my long term goals high enough, I am destined to stretch beyond my comfort zone to achieve them. My vision, my experience, my perceptions and my intentions, mixed with excellent follow up, focus and determination will absolutely get me there!

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