Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Focus: The Courage to Change

"Focus your energy on greatness." ~~David DeNotaris~~

“The power to change comes from your courage within.” ~~Karen Hinds~~

More from the Women in Business Summit as inspired by Karen Hinds*

Karen, when talking about having the courage to change, shared an interesting perspective. When you’re young, you find that risks are easy to take. Your focus is all on what the benefits are in taking that risk. You think about how good it’s going to feel or how much fun you’re going to have. You don’t think about the consequences. You’re only focused on what you’re going to get; not at all focused on what you might lose…

Then the thing we call sensibility sets in. Call it maturity. Call it “growing up”. We find that we’re only focused on the responsibilities we have, and the consequences we might face if we take that risk. We become almost solely focused on what we might lose. The risk might be the same, but we choose to focus on losing. According to Karen, “It’s all in how you frame it.”

Today, I choose to focus on what I’m going to get. I have the courage to change. I have the will to sustain the change. I have a plan. I’m committed to executing that plan. And, I’m putting that negative focus on ICE! (Reference to yesterday’s post: http://hireeffect.blogspot.com/2011/03/preparation-power-to-change.html)

Affirmations from Karen: I am not going back. I’m moving ahead. Change is good.

*The WIB Summit is organized by Kisha Samuels, the founder of Events of Joy (http://eventsofjoy.com) and you can find more information about WIB here: http://www.wibsummit.com Keynote speaker: Karen Hinds, Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, LLC. http://www.workplacesuccess.com

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