Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday: Preparation

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” ~Author Unknown

Sometimes it feels like all I do is make lists. To Do Lists, Wish Lists, Honey-Do Lists, Grocery Lists… it’s an endless list of lists.

Over the weekend I bought a new phone, and in syncing it with my computer, I found yet another task list. It turned out, however, that I had already accomplished everything on it! It was such a great feeling to be able to “check off” every last task! It seemed that simply typing out the tasks put them in the front of my mind, and I got them all done without really putting in any extra effort.

When I started working this morning, already coming in with a sense of accomplishment from the weekend, I had another small organizational win! In my email were two questions from a potential new client, and since I had spent a good deal of time late last week re-organizing my files and actually putting everything away, I was able to very quickly find my proposal, and answer the questions. And, when another client called unexpectedly, I was easily able to get her all of the information she needed so quickly, that she essentially asked me if I had been anticipating her call.

I always knew that being organized was useful, and that making lists really worked for me, but it’s nice when it all comes together! It may take time to make the list, but the feeling you get when you have completed the tasks on the list is wonderfully gratifying.

I’m celebrating small successes today!

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