Thursday, January 20, 2011


Physician, heal thyself.

So, I snapped last night. In a good way, I think. While wallowing a bit in self-doubt (and self-pity) my wonderful husband reminded me that all I really needed was a swift kick in the pants! I write all this great stuff in here! I know WHAT to do… I just actually have to do it. How many times have I said that preparation is critical? And yet… I was feeling unprepared. I know that focus is necessary and I know how to minimize distractions, and yet I was feeling “all over the map.” I have a great attitude (most of the time) and I certainly know how to motivate others… so allowing myself that pity party was just unacceptable! I have a confession to make; I’m human. I make mistakes. I say I’m going to do something, and it doesn’t always get done. I have intentions that don’t always get realized. The best laid plans…Well, so what?!?!? I’m human. Good. That makes me real. That means that I have room to improve! That means that I can grow, and learn, and be excited, and have passion! So, I turned over a new leaf last night. I am actually going to take my own advice. All of it. I will do what I say I will do. I will practice what I preach. No more lip service. I am determined. And, oh yeah… I am focused and efficient! I achieve my goals!

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