Tuesday, January 4, 2011


“Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.” ~~Wilfred Peterson~~

The ability to stay focused may very well be the most important ingredient in the recipe for accomplishment. While I believe that all of the tools that I write about are critical to success, staying focused on the tasks at hand (short term) and keeping your eye on the prize (long term) are paramount. And, HARD! There is so much noise out there. And, there’s just so much going on! How many emails did you come in to this morning? How do you manage all of them? If you have separate work and personal email accounts, how tempted are you to check your personal email the second you sit down? And, I know that it’s a challenge for *me* not to get “sucked in” to Twitter or Facebook when I sit down at my computer. Even LinkedIn is in the process of beta testing a tool which will help people weed through the garbage to glean useful and relevant information from their networks. (http://blog.linkedin.com/2010/09/29/linkedin-signal/) But it’s not just the online noise that can sidetrack you. What about your own thoughts? What about the things you said you had to do, and haven’t done yet? What about all of the outside stressors in your life; your household chores, your family commitments, your good news, your bad news, your friends’ news… There is always something, and because of that, it’s imperative that you learn how to stay focused! I am practicing some new tools this year, and hoping to perfect some old ones. Meditation and affirmations are key for me. My mantra right now,” I am focused and efficient. I accomplish my goals.”

What do you do to stay on task?

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