Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday: Focus

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.” Ben Stein

You wouldn’t think this was so hard… but I spoke at two events (last night and today – and the reason that I did not blog this MORNING…) and I have encountered no less than 15 people (MYSLEF INCLUDED!!) who have no idea what they want to be “when they grow up”.

I share this with you because maybe you have the same or similar issues. I wear so many hats, and love everything that I do, that my focus is actually lacking. It’s not that I’m not focused, I am quite focused… on too many things! So much so that sometimes nothing gets accomplished.

I am a recruiter, a coach, a trainer, a speaker, and a strategist… and that’s just my professional life. I also have a personal one. So, I ask you – how did you identify what you wanted? Or, have you?

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