Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday: Positive Attitude

“If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.” ~Vince Lombardi

At the HR Whine & Dine networking event last night we had a conversation about employee engagement and employee retention. While many who attended are in fact, “between successes”*, others are presently employed yet genuinely fearful of losing their jobs. One person commented frankly that everyone in her company was “actively looking” and that was no secret. While in _her_ case that is understandable as her company is going under, in many cases the same is true even when the company is viable.

I remember recently reading a blog post (wishing now that I could find it to give credit to the writer!) about a person who was employed, but publically complaining about their job in the coffee shop across the street from their office… and another who was complaining that her boss wanted her travel… and how “unfair” that she had to pick up all this extra work!

And, I know people who have gotten so jaded about their job search that all they have left is anger and negativity; actively blaming everyone but themselves for their situations. (This recruiter was stupid, that company was unprofessional, there are no jobs, LinkedIn is a waste of time, etc…)

These are tough times. I get that. We all have to do a little more with a little less. But these people who either take for granted they have a job, or who refuse to be accountable for their own career campaign, need a little attitude adjustment.

At the event last night I spoke with at least three people who were actively taking responsibility for their job searches and were actually excited by the possibilities that lie ahead. As hard as it is out there, and as down as you may get sometimes, the fact is that possibilities lie ahead. Go find them, and please, I beg you, get fired with enthusiasm. Complaining will get you nowhere.

*phrase attributed to one of our attendees

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