Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday: Focus

"If our thoughts and hopes are elsewhere, it is impossible for us to set our faces steadily toward the work required of us." ~ Anonymous

Over the holiday weekend I took some more time to reflect on my goals, especially as they relate to my family, and am taking small steps to rebalance my life. As often as I write about focus, I have been feeling unfocussed a lot lately, and have decided to adjust my focus accordingly. In the down economy I spread myself a bit too thin as I worked diligently to make money… as a recruiter in a recession. I am now preparing to narrow my scope, and focus more closely on my core business. I believe it will provide the best return and help me

With Labor Day (aptly named) behind us, how are you working to stay focused on your search? Are there adjustments you can make to your process?

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