Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday: Positive Attitude

I heard a song on the radio yesterday morning as I was driving to the Westport, CT Public Library to give a presentation to job seekers on using social media as part of a strategic career campaign. I guess, even after this many years of public speaking, even I could use a little encouragement.

The song actually reminds me of junior high school, but in a good way, and it makes me happy. I think it fits in really well for a post on attitude. So, thank you Corey Hart!

Excerpted from NEVER SURRENDER:

“So if you're lost and on your own
You can never surrender
And if your path won't lead you home
You can never surrender
And when the night is cold and dark
You can see, you can see light
Cause no-one can take away your right
To fight and never surrender”

There is light at the end of every tunnel.

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  1. well I cant remember that far back lets see jr high school... feels like a hundred years ago but your message is a very good one thank you