Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I’m actually sorry that I missed yesterday’s post. And, I’m not apologizing to YOU for my not blogging yesterday (although if you missed it, I *am* sorry…)… I’m actually sorry that I didn’t write because I could really use some focus. Here’s what I’m remembering today… It’s not hard to get focused. It’s hard to get focused on the right things! I made my list, have my Pandora trance station playing softly, and have been 100% focused since 9:30 this morning… and while I did complete a deliverable that I really needed to get out today, I have spent the last hour cleaning out my office closet… and that is NOT what I should be focusing on. So, I decided to blog to set myself straight.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program!

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” ~~Albert Einstein ~~

It’s all about the attitude! I know… I say that all the time. But please don’t tell me that you’re tired of hearing it, because I will simply reply that it’s all about your attitude! How about saying, “thanks for the reminder!” And who couldn’t use a friendly reminder about something that will only help you feel better?

I attended a great networking event last night* and found myself surrounded by people who really get that it is all about their attitude. This event is fashioned to be a mix of employed executives, entrepreneurs, and those in transition, or “between successes”. Everyone, the working and the not, is invited because they add value. And, everyone last night added so much value. There were no sales pitches; there were no sob stories; no contacts were held back; there was absolutely no shortage of great advice, gentle reminders, and sincere help. I spoke with someone who has been unemployed for over a year. I spoke with someone who owns his own (and quite successful) business. I spoke with someone who is just staring her own business. I spoke with someone who is a successful VP of HR. And frankly, the only thing different about each of them was what they happened to be passionate about. They were all so positive. They were upbeat and grateful to be included in this well-orchestrated meeting of the minds. So, once again, my hat’s off to networking, and the power of the positive attitude. I have no doubt that every person in that room last night who was in transition made at least 3 connections that will help them land their next role. I have no doubt that each of those connections will be better off themselves for making it so! And I have no doubt that if the attitudes had been different in that room last night, none of that would have happened…

*Thanks to Jay Rovert, Financial Services Representative, MetLife for setting up these renowned dinners!

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