Thursday, August 26, 2010


“We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.” ~~Robert Brault~~

It was brought to my attention yesterday that my plea for no whining at a Whine and Dine event was rather ironic. While linguistically this is very true (and very funny!), in the reality of those in transition, it is a real problem. Which brings me to my “goal” post… (hehehe)

When entering into any situation, you need to understand your goals before going in. This is true whether it is joining a live networking event, creating a profile on LinkedIn, engaging followers on Twitter, talking with a coach, going on a sales pitch, or even going to see a doctor. Thinking about your goals, having an idea of what you want to get out of the situation, will help you act accordingly during the situation. If the person in my Whine and Dine example believed that the goal was to network with a potential hiring manager to be considered for that ideal job, then being negative was not the best course of action. If, however, that person’s goal was to vent with like-minded professionals in a judgment-free environment, then they should not have been upset or worse, not have any idea why they were not selected to interview for the opportunity. My point, in case it is not yet clear, is that your actions should reflect your desired outcome. Actually knowing what your goals are in advance will significantly increase your chances of achieving them.

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  1. Great suggestion. The exact question I ask myself before I get to where ever is "what do I want to get out of this?" It is often surpising to me that this works pretty well.