Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday: Goals

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” ~Tony Robbins

Funny thing about goals… you have to be prepared to change them; especially the short term ones. I had a great plan for this morning. I knew exactly what my post was going to be about. But now, we’ll have to wait until next week for that pearl of wisdom. Instead, I will write about this:

I got an interesting email in response to a recent post. The email questioned my suggestion about setting “achievable” short term goals. This person found it best to set goals just outside predicted “achievability”. He found that if he set a goal he could reach, once it was reached, he unconsciously stopped working so hard. He coasted for the rest of the year… Whereas if he set a goal he could not practically reach, he would push himself all year, and while he never reached his goal, was never unhappy with the result… An interesting perspective… And, if it works for you, well then by all means, use it!

Goals can motivate people in many different ways. Whether the goal is a quota for the year, a growth plan for a business, or even a simple TO DO list, the purpose of the goal is to motivate… not give you an excuse to slack off. Yes, you should celebrate when you reach a goal. I still think that’s important. But then change your goal, or add a new one… Keep Going! Imagine how much more you can do!

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