Friday, April 8, 2011

Motivation: Synchronicity

“Life just seems so full of connections. Most of the time we don't even pay attention to the depth of life; we only see flat surfaces.” ~~Author Unknown~~

Coincidence -


1. chance happening: something that happens by chance in a surprising or remarkable way
2. happening without planning: the fact of happening by chance
3. having identical features: the fact or condition of happening at the same time or place or being identical

Or, as someone pointed out to me recently, co - prefix.

1. Together; joint; jointly; mutually

AND, Incident


1. event: something that happens, especially a single event
2. violent occurrence: a public occurrence, especially a violent one
2. "an incident outside a nightclub"
3. event with potentially serious consequences:


1. related to something: accompanying something or occurring as a consequence of it ( formal )
2. touching or striking: coming into contact with a surface

In other words – coincidence – an event with consequences that happens together with another event with consequences…



1. coincidence of events that seem related: the coincidence of events that seem related, but are not obviously caused one by the other.

OK. I may be over-thinking this, but since I’m committed to being over-committed, why not over-think?

There have so many incidents of coincidence, so many oddly related, yet totally unrelated events showing up for me over the last two weeks or so… I’m really beginning to pay attention to them more closely. It started with something coming up in various completely separate conversations with people who didn’t even know one another. I’ve even written about a few of them here. It’s grown to things that have been so bizarre that they’re intriguing… And, oddly motivating…

I am fascinated by the lessons I don’t even yet know I need to learn… I am driven to find out what’s out there for me. And, I’m committed to paying more attention.

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