Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday: Preparation

“I'm just preparing my impromptu remarks.” ~Winston Churchill

I love this quote. It really speaks to me on so many levels.

Preparing impromptu remarks is like preparing for an interview when you don’t know what questions will be asked. As a career coach and recruiter, there is a general rule I teach people to follow. Be prepared to discuss your recurring results. If you can identify your most significant accomplishments, and are prepared to talk about the why, the how, and the impact, then you should be prepared to answer almost any question you get tossed. So, I guess that’s the “surface” reason this quote speaks to me. The other reason is a bit more abstract, but something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…

I often wonder, much like Don in a recent episode of CBS’ Numb3rs, if I’ve actually *made* the choices that led me to where I am today, or if things have just sort of “fallen into place”. In other words, wondering if I have been preparing for impromptu decisions or choices vs. actually consciously making decisions and choices. Then I wonder if that actually matters… Sure; I’m certain I never *chose* to have a difficult pregnancy, and I’m certain I never *chose* to get laid off when my son was only 4 months old… But I did choose how I reacted to those situations. And those choices have led me to owning my own business and having the ability to be here for him on days like today when he’s home sick.

So much to think about… and (entering November, which is “We Are Thankful” month on Nick Jr… on all day today for said sick child…) so much to be thankful for…

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