Monday, July 20, 2009


The Reason behind the Quotes:

Quotes, and other motivational and inspirational thoughts, often help me through my day. When I first started posting quotes on Facebook, they were really for me. They helped me to set the tone for my day. When people started commenting on them, I realized that I had an opportunity to motivate and inspire others.

As a recruiter who has worked both agency-side and corporate HR, as a former job seeker who has been in transition in some very difficult times, and as an independent recruiter currently, I hope to offer motivation for job seekers, along with a few job seeking tips thrown in.

This "blog", called such only because I don't know what else to call it, will start off with some things I've previously posted in NOTES on the HireEffect Fan Page on Facebook. So, if you're a fan (THANKS!) sorry for the repetition. I will however, also post a new quote all this week, even though I'm "catching up".

I hope you find these posts useful and enjoyable!

Thanks! Happy Hunting!

Jennifer Scott

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