Thursday, August 18, 2011

The High of Helping

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." ~~Henry Ford~~

You don’t have to do it alone. You’ve heard that “it takes a village”? I had, many times, but I’m not sure I really understood the meaning until recently. Things like Ego and Fear or Embarrassment can get in the way of asking for help or advice. So we go it alone. We try to trudge our way through what feels like uncharted territory and make it up as we go along. Well, like yesterday, today is your day! Your goals are waiting. Today is the day to empower the village to pull together. Today is the day to take action steps to overcoming the ostensible need to do it alone. If you’re feeling shy, or feeling scared, then start by helping someone else! You’ll see how good it feels to be the one to help pick someone else up off the ground. You’ll understand intrinsically why it’s human nature to assist others. You’ll feel the natural high of being able to offer something you didn’t even know you had (or didn’t think was all that special) that helps someone turn their life around. Maybe then will you see that by asking for help you’re actually doing someone else a favor!

I haven’t been out there as much lately. Sure, I’ve still been helping some. It’s what I do. Teaching job seekers how to think like a recruiter; leveraging social media; networking tactics… it’s what I do. But I haven’t really been out there lately. I miss the face-to-face networking that brings me so much joy. I miss being out there helping people connect with others who can help them even more than I can. And, I miss recognizing the proverbial light bulbs going off when someone sees a way that they can help me. Networking is a two way street, and it starts with you, and it starts today! Who can you help today? Who can you reach out to today? And who do you think may be able to help you get one step closer to your goals?


  1. People often have problems that are not easy to fix. Helping them becomes a quagmire like Iraq or Vietnam.

  2. @Animal - While I agree with what you say, helping does not necessarily equate to fixing someone's problem. Helping someone get one step closer to where they need to be, is at least one step closer. I choose to celebrate the small successes along with the big ones.