Thursday, October 21, 2010


“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” ~~Stephen A. Brennan

Back to Basics Part Three: The importance of a Plan! I was privileged to attend a breakfast this morning held by the Women’s Business Development Council, and honoring some very special and inspirational women in our local community. It was moving, and also rather timely. The theme of the breakfast was about accessing capital (really geared toward small business owners and entrepreneurs) but there was another point routinely made that I think is so critical… you need a plan! Whether it’s a business plan, a 10 year plan, a life plan, plans to build an addition or a deck… you need a plan. Whether you are running your business, running your job search, or running your life… you are in control, As it was said today and many times before, you need to be your own Chief Executive Officer. You need to run the business of being you. Totally empowering! And perfect for today’s “basic”.

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