Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pondering Spring Cleaning

So, on this first day of spring, I am once again inspired to write! I've been pondering Spring Cleaning. We started last weekend. It was beautiful on Saturday, and we spent the day outdoors clearing out what winter left behind. It was nice to see some of my son’s yard toys return and the “snow sticks” go away. I thought about “doing the closet”, but frankly, I’m a bit afraid of Murphy. You know Murphy, right? The one the “law” is about…. The one that ensures that as soon as I put my sweaters away it will turn cold again…

I heard a radio host yesterday morning discussing Spring Cleaning as well. Surprisingly, clearing out closets and drawers fell FOURTH on the list of “what people clean” during this time of year. That got me thinking… Why does Spring Cleaning only have to be about bins and closets or windows and drapes?

What if we could clean out our selves? What if we took a cue from nature and had our very own rebirth of sorts? I don’t want to be presumptuous, so I’ll just talk about me.

I would like a fresh start. I would like to have an excuse to change a few things. (I know I don’t NEED a reason to do this, but just like New Year’s Resolutions, it’s nice to have a milestone…) Today, I will get back to basics; go back to the roots. I will remember that it’s OK to crawl before I walk, and walk before I run. I will remember to sound it out and take it slowly. I know that the sun will shine and turn the bulb buried deep into a beautiful, bright, colorful flower.

Today I will give myself permission to dust off the good habits I’ve formed, but have since forgotten. It’s time for them to come out again.

How will you celebrate spring?